Our Landscape Design Philosophy


Four Seasons
Beauty and fragrance can delight throughout the year. Careful choice of plants provides interest and enjoyment of the garden in e
very season.


Low Maintenance
A thriving garden is designed with the amount of time in mind that you want to spend working and relaxing in the garden. It lets you relax, enjoy, and thrive in all aspects of your life. Organic and sustainable methods make sense for the best garden and health of people and wildlife who visit it. A well-designed garden can be virtually maintenance free once established.


Edible and Ornamental
An extensive knowledge of plants and design allows us to select plants that harmonize with the site characteristics, as well as each client’s unique tastes. Our skillful approach to planting design enables the perfect plant to thrive in each unique part of the garden providing beauty and sustenance. Thriving Gardens guarantees all plants for one year.



When a garden has good “bones,” it becomes a space that you want to inhabit, an outdoor room. Larger-scale elements like retaining walls, paving, stone work, fencing help define garden spaces and are within our palette of skills.