Thriving Gardens is a Seattle-based design and build company that creates beautiful outdoor living spaces. We also remodel indoor spaces to better connect, utilize and appreciate their gardens and outdoor living spaces. We provide design, build and maintenance services for projects of all sizes. Whether you choose to have us work our magic before your eyes or work alongside us, we will manifest your vision, honor your needs, and work within your budget.

Britten Clark

Britten received his dual Masters degree in Landscape Architecture and Community and Regional Planning at the University of Oregon in 2000. When he started his own business focusing on residential design and construction administration, it took off immediately, and has been growing steadily simply by referrals from friends and former coworkers. As a garden designer, Britten makes a point of matching the character and needs of each garden and living space to the style, requirements and abilities of the people who live in them. He is particularly skilled in connecting indoor and outdoor living spaces that match how a client will use their home and garden.

"I generally design low maintenance, drought tolerant plantings that delight the senses in every season, utilizing native, edible, and ornamental plants, appropriate for conditions and client needs. In some cases, clients have some time and desire to do much of the work themselves and just need some assistance in choosing and laying out plants. In other cases, clients would like me to design and manage the  labor and contractors to assure that the project is well implemented. In either case I am always representing the client to make sure that they are getting the best value and highest quality possible."